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02 August 2012 @ 12:57 am

Welcome to this community ^O^ !!
I know, there are many community about Vidoll, but...I hope that this community becoming a very funny place!


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01 August 2012 @ 02:24 am
Welcome here again!
(before start sorry for my bad english XD but I'm not native speacker and it's night now)
Have you forgot about Vidoll? I hope no...
Even if, I'm a little bit disappointed about it ;( Before, I've search on Jrock scans some outfit (for the new graphica, of course is not finish yet but be patient, I'll finish it soon ;) unfortunaly there are many works to do on this community but I want to do it so fighting!) well.... many many links are inspired so the interview and photoset are incomplete. 
Thi is one of the motives that moves me to re-organize this community. I don't want lose all Vidoll's related (my memory a little time ago breack up and I've lost all photo, live, video ecc.) so, I want that this community becomed a security archive for all Vidoll related and first of all, for not forget this amazing band!!
But... for doing it, I need you help!! For this reason I want change many thing in this community ok? (stroke what I've done^^)
  • New graphic. Now I've change the template, but, in this days I'll change also the profile graphic,  re-made new banners affilated HERE and I update the photo HERE.
  • The user romancevi_stuff will be delate. I repost with my account kenia89 . gurinu_renja the other admin stay as admin and moderator like always^^
  • The public post (not close "friends Only") will be deleted. People there are a rules! I've not wrote them for hobby XDDD so please respect and fallow the rules! If you want repost what it's been deleted please do it! but put the post close! ^^
  • I'll must to control the affiliation... so please request affilition with us I'm happy^^
  • For the scans (I'll write it here now, but when I update the rules I will add it) please under the image preview, up the image also on a filesharing site, becouse after some times, the link to the image will be inspired (the same way on the j rock scans) in this way we can have always reperible scans, Vidoll related ^^
  • About directory posts (like discography,video, scans and lyrics) them will be ONLY directively, like a list to known us what we have or what we missed about Vidoll (if you want know if you can find something, search through "Tags" ^^ in this way, I don't become mad to upload the posts and the things will be posted more of one times so if a link, or something doesn't work, you can update the things again ^^ while, the posts, FANFICTION, FAN MADE, COSPLAY will be delated. In this way you are more free to post, for search them use "tags" ^^
  • Please, if you have all Vidoll related share with us! Now is really difficult to found Vidoll related ç_ç

well... for now that's all!!
I think I update this post often, even if the community don't becomed like I want^^
If you have some ideas, or opinion please let me know!!! I'm waiting for your opinion!! 
Thank you^^


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all here @ brocade_lounge 
will be closed MO in two days
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23 February 2011 @ 01:45 am

scans are hereCollapse ) at ledagrafics 
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15 September 2009 @ 06:51 pm
  Are you going to attend V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09?
Check the interview with Vidoll who is going to preform on the event!!
Click the picture or title to read the whole article!



One of the attractions of the band Vidoll is a variety of their songs from cheerful and powerful pop numbers to heavy and intense ones. They are also known as a live band that performs quite a lot of shows even since they were on an indie label. They made their longed-for major debut with the single “Puzzle ring” in February 2009. When the album “Esoteric Romance” was released in March, the media praised the quality of their songs. This summer they were on the “VIDOLL TOUR 2009 20 flight of stairs” across Japan. (Tero, the drummer was absent from this interview.)